A selection of terms and items specific to The Whorl

The Chrasmalogic Writings: The holy book of The Whorl, it provides a text of the Plan of Pas and the names and forms of worship of the various gods.

The Long Sun: A solar tube which passes through the middle of The Whorl. It has a day/night cycle the same length as a day on Urth.

Flyer: From the ground they appear to be humans with dragonfly wings. They can be seen flying along the Long Sun. They never set foot on the ground or interact with the other inhabitants of The Whorl. Some people think that they are the messengers of the gods, some think they are an ill omen, some a sign of good luck, etc. They are a constant reminder that there is more going on in The Whorl than its citizens understand.

Mainframe: The place where the gods live; a cybernetic Olympus. It is known to be located in The Mountains That Look at Mountains at one end of The Whorl.

Patera: A priest. Also known as Augur. See “Religion in The Whorl”.

Needle Pistol: A Light Weapon that fires a small needle like projectile at rapid velocity. They can be small enough to conceal in a large man’s hand.

Floater: A hover car.

Talos: A tank sized robot. A talos is a bizarre type of centaur; the back portion is a half-track, and the forward portion is a giant humanoid torso with two arms. The head is usually styled as something intimidating (a dragon, a wild boar, etc.). Talos are employed to guard important building. They are heavily armed and very difficult to destroy.

Buzz Gun: A Heavy Weapon. A type of machine gun that fires so rapidly it makes an easily identifiable buzzing noise.

Azoth: A type of energy weapon that looks like the hilt of a sword. It projects a beam that can reach just over 300 feet. It is extremely destructive; they easily cut through buildings made of Ship Rock. In game terms an Azoth is a Heavy Weapon that requires a specialization to use safely.

Slug Gun: A Medium Weapon. A type of rifle that fires a solid projectile.

Ship Rock: The material under the soil of The Whorl. Many buildings in The Whorl are, in fact, made of Ship Rock.

Glass: A computer terminal.

Monitor: An artificial intelligence that lives in each glass. A monitor can be used to pass messages and can even spy on the room where the glass is located. A monitor must truthfully answer any questions put to it, but it only has to answer the question that it is asked.

Sacred Window: A large (12′×12′) computer screen in the main chapel of a temple. It was normally through the Sacred Windows that the gods would appear to the inhabitants of The Whorl.

Chem – The common name for a robot, derived from “chemical person”. Chems are normally given the names of metals, minerals, and machinery. Chems are about the size of a large man and are obviously metal. The technology to create Chems is not known to the people of The Whorl; Chems were loaded on to The Whorl on Urth and are thus the oldest sentient things on The Whorl other than the gods themselves. Chems are fully sentient but have certain limits hard wired into their systems, such as obeying the leader of a specific city. Certain unscrupulous people have learned to reprogram Chems for various purposes. Most of the Chems on The Whorl are in storage, but there are many that have been activated. “Male” Chems are always soldiers, “Female” Chems were originally used for labor, now they have taken every conceivable job from maid to nun to street cleaner. Chems can in fact reproduce. Each chem has 1/2 of the blueprints of a new Chem. A male Chem and a female Chem can thus combine their plans to produce a new offspring.

Black Mechanic – A type of “Nano” who has learned to reprogram glasses, Chems, and Talos. A hacker.

Soldier – a Glaive

Mechanic – a Nano

Cutter – a Jack

A selection of terms and items specific to The Whorl

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